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The Geography of Kissing

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  • The Geography of Kissing

    In dream your kiss
    Dissolves my body into air
    Now I touch all things

    Like hungry orphans
    My instincts need to be fed
    Please open your door

    As a supplicant
    Naked in bed your moist lips
    Invite my worship

    Your tongue is mapping
    My soul’s shoreline I hope you
    Will journey inland

    Your mouth ravages
    My body crops land pillaged
    Nothing left standing

    If bodies entwine
    Who can cut our Gordian
    Knot of love apart

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    These are great, Tanner. You have an endless reservoir of compelling, romantic, lyrical poetry full of simile and metaphor. I seriously want to study your technique, as my writing is completely lacking in veiled innuendo and suggestive secrets. I won't have your imagination or passion, but I may learn a trick or two. Do you know if there is a way to find all your starts in one search? Or perhaps you have them saved on your computer and wouldn't mind sending some?