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The Hummingbird

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  • The Hummingbird

    The Hummingbird

    Like hummingbird’s defiant wings,
    Her heart does beat as fast.
    The final click of soldier’s heels:
    The threat is gone at last.

    She celebrates today with bread.
    The attic-skinny girl
    Will hide tomorrow, deeply cloaked
    As oyster’s baby pearl.

    In cards, her death appears again.
    She hates the Gypsy male.
    With world at war, prediction fails.
    Her face remains as pale

    As egg in snow. The shivers come.
    Her teeth like clanging train
    Of sleeper cars, her life as hard
    As caustic acid rain.

    The heat of attic makes her sweat.
    Like puppet pulled by string,
    She stands erect and longs
    For David’s killing sling.

    She wants to curl like fetal ball,
    But hum of cars in dark
    Is warning Nazis seek to keep
    The star of David’s mark.

    She keeps perfume in bottle to mask
    Her body’s pleasant scent
    From army symbolized with four
    Congruent crosses bent.

    To pass the time she hums a tune.
    The others roll their eyes.
    Their lunch is hummus, pita bread,
    And gooey cherry pies.

    The captive child is still as sweet
    As cake containing rum.
    She starts a journal, fights the urge
    For enemy to numb.

    The war of hatred never ends.
    Her people shot in slums.
    If only ghost of music plays
    The winning battle drums.

    A radio with static hums.
    The search begins anew.
    Ecstatic failure brings relief
    To frightened hidden Jew
    The pressure rings like constant hum
    Of greatly growing hive.
    She feels like silhouette, but tries
    To disappear, survive.

    Become as small as shrunken head
    Or watch the evil win.
    She prays like quiet humble monk,
    The silent sound of Zen.

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    A lovely tribute to a brave young girl, and insight into what she must have felt only footsteps away from the oven. Thanks for posting, beachbard.


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      This is a captivating write. You've painted a picture with your penbrush the horrors of the holocaust. Stay active on the forums, make friends here, this is a terrific piece of writing.


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        Thank both of you. It is no "The Raven Returns" or "Annabel Lee 2.0", but it does fit the theme community. ;-)


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          Beachbard, I can't believe I missed this one but when I read this it reminded me of 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. Beautifully written for such a horrific time. I love hummingbirds and have painted many. I have read this at least three times.


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            I just found your haunting poem, The Hummingbird, Beachbard. All I can do is echo the sentiments of the poets who have already posted. Like Alexandra, having found it, I keep reading it over and over. I could very easily have been the girl you wrote about. Thank you. Monica


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              Thank you. It is just an iambic ballad. I prefer anapestic ballads because they are more challenging to write and sound better. It is about Anne Frank, but in ballad form as well as being about community in its broadest sense.