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  • ​mein fuhrer!

    Mein Fuhrer!
    Mein Fuhrer, I’m purer than Jew
    My blond hair and blue eyes are credits to you.
    I honour your views with this badge on my arm
    I’ll always be faithful, I’ll always be calm

    I take up my rifle and skew on a knife
    I strap it on sideways and gear up for life.
    First training in thrusting then laps round the field
    I tire and ponder the cards I’ve been dealed

    Mein Fuhrer!
    Mein Fuhrer, I’m purer than Jew
    Rather I’m me than a kosher it’s true

    Got me a job at a death camp today
    Fair easy work with a reasonable pay
    Would I not want for a different way?
    Whether I do, or do not I must stay

    Mein Fuhrer!
    Mein Fuhrer, I’m purer than Jew
    The final solution is one we must do

    Met me a Jew called #1284
    I met him whilst knocking on #242’s door
    He offered me chocolates and told me he’d send
    More of the chocolate, he called me his friend
    He looked like a German and sounded one too
    I said this to him and he laughed “This is true”
    He whistled the tune of an old German song
    I whistled it back and we both sang along

    Mein Fuhrer!
    Mein Fuhrer, I’m friends with a Jew
    The final solution is one we will rue

    Sent to the lines at the Russian front
    #1284 is nothing but a runt
    At least that’s the way I saw him last back then
    I had to deny that I knew him in pen
    I sent him to die it could be just as well
    So that he not live in this cancerous hell

    Mein Fuhrer!
    Mein Fuhrer, I’m friends with a Jew
    I sent him to Auschwitz and for that I rue

    Adolf is dead and is free from the law
    I on the other hand face them in court
    Blood on my hands and with guilt on my face
    Glancing my eyes back and forth in the place
    There in the distance far off in the crowd
    #1284 is all silent yet loud
    Piercing my skull with his look of forgiveness
    Looking so thin, then I thought - I had done this!
    I owned up to all of the charges I faced
    But nothing could change what I’d done or erase,
    All of my stupid and Nazi filled ways
    Now I’ve the price that only life can pay

    Mein Fuhrer!
    Mein Fuhrer, we’re now with the Jews
    No hair on my body; it’s gone right with you
    I shame to have worn such a badge on my arm
    The world is much better, now you can’t cause harm

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    Great writing and structure.


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    You're welcome, I love the way you told your story.


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      Jamie Kimathi Milburn, I commend you for your poem mein fuhrer! You've created an excellent and emotion-filled narrative on a subject that can't be brought up too often. Thank you for writing and posting it! Monica


      • Jamie Kimathi Milburn
        Editing a comment
        Thank you, I know it's a hard subject to deal with, but I felt something like this needed to be expressed.

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      So wrong but made me laugh anyway <3


      • Jamie Kimathi Milburn
        Editing a comment
        Cheers, as long as you enjoyed it that's the main thing!

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      To Jamie Kimathi Milburn, glad you're good-natured! We can't forget the Holocaust nor the well-intentioned people caught up in it, people who, like the narrator, saw only the glamor initially and realized the evil too late. Again, I thank you! Monica