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  • Who Am I?

    I AM...
    A catalogue of influences scattered through my life:
    Both good and bad examples of the challenges of strife.

    I am a whole stampede of moments trampling on my heart;
    A multitude of memories that never will depart.

    I am my precious mum who died of cancer way too soon
    Her lifelong love, a legacy of how we should commune.

    I am my orphaned dad who took a world of pain and loss
    And panned for gold, determined to find treasures through the dross.

    I am my childhood memories, of laughter, love and tears:
    I am the wealth of hope and joy they've brought me through the years.

    I am the scars of torment as my bully took control.
    I am restored by those who held me close to make me whole.

    I am the positivity that all these things have brought
    Together with the painful lessons that each one has taught.

    I am my church, my faith, my God, who drove me through each storm,
    Who've been the breathe that fanned the flames of hope to keep me warm.

    I am my husband, children, friends and family, who each
    Brought value to my life that nothing ever could impeach.

    I am my own experiences, intellect and past.
    I am the wealth of wisdom that my soul has since amassed.

    I am, despite the best of me, still fallible, and yet
    This is the one 'I am' I can't forgive, nor quite forget!

    I am a whole community of spirits all combined
    Within my life, my heart and soul and, crucially, my mind.

    My whole 'I am' is ever changing as the world weaves through.
    Please leave your critique for me.....let your 'I am' blend in too.

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    I am a poet who is still practicing
    poems like yours I enjoy studying
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      Thanks so much for commenting Chester B.....

      I love the scope of poetry, the range is so diverse,
      But I'm not good at analysing other people's verse!
      So I'm encouraged that you say you like to study mine:
      You've now become entwined within my growing 'I Am' vine!


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        Smee, Very inspirational.


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          Hi Weezer, I am glad that you have joined the rhyme-zone throng
          I find it so uplifting when kind comments come along.
          So welcome, please enjoy! Meanwhile, I hope that you don't mind
          If I acknowledge that our 'I Am's seem to be aligned!


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            Your a master wordsmith! NO IF's or BUT's.

            I loved how vividly you addressed each area of your life that has been impacted by circumstance....

            My mother lost her life from cancer at 49yrs of age!
            So I know how you feel.....
            And for me? My mums loss was 22yrs ago....

            I've never been a bully & HATE BULLIES!
            Yet was touched by your expressions refering to the IMPACT
            That Bullying has had on your life....

            Between 1991 - 1994 I lost:
            BOTH MY BROTHERS
            MY MUM
            AND....least concerning of all, commenced an 8yr prison sentence.

            So I know about LOSS....

            But childhood trauma is what RUINES MOST OF US,
            Whom have experienced it...

            And I experienced it ALL!
            Yes, that too....

            So much of the PAIN you so SKILLFULLY WROTE OF,
            Has touched me in a personal manner....

            Your an exceptional wordsmith!


            Coz of the FINITE NUMBER OF WORDS TO WORK WITH....

            Whereas poetry is less restrictive, in regards to?
            Being forced to find words that RHYME...

            Having said that....
            I openly acknowledge the SKILL THAT POETS POSSESS.
            And do not demean nor retract away from their skills in
            Any way or manner...

            I just PERSONALLY LOVE RHYMES...

            And yours was EXCEPTIONAL!

            Very highly skilled work.
            Well done...


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              Wow Billy, I'm so flattered! You've encouraged me so much
              Your comments always have that extra special personal touch.
              Like you, I am especially transfixed by works that rhyme
              And, even more, I love to feel the bouncing, rhythmic time.
              So now, because of you, I am encouraged to write more
              You've made me feel more confident than I have felt before.
              You have such great expression:it's a really precious gift
              So, thank you, for you've given my 'I Am' a lovely lift


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                I like to think that I am me
                Though I don't know what others see
                Someone odd? Someone strange?
                Well, that's too bad. 'Cause I won't change

                I am who I am
                And so ends my thread
                I love what you wrote!
                And this is the end.

                P.S. My words cannot to begin to express
                The ideas, the beauty, with which this poem's been blessed


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                  Sto-Pro-Veritate, I am thankful that you
                  Have taken the time to read my 'I Am' through
                  And then that you've added your words to mine
                  So feeding and watering my 'I Am' vine.
                  I love your self confidence in who you are
                  Hold on to it tightly, and you will go far!
                  And meanwhile I'll let what you've taught me today
                  Sink in so my 'I Am' will grow in some way.