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  • Welcome To Math Class

    Welcome To Math Class

    Sit at the desk with the straight plastic ruler that's set down

    Join the tally in progress, gaze around

    We have high & low numbers,
    Separated in this diverging class
    Difference in lowers outnumber,
    Long division parts the mass

    The lowest of class inch by,
    Solo, minus family support, means run down
    The highest of class increasingly amplify,
    Their families net worth valued in town

    The Fibonacci numbers are the
    gifted element of our school,
    They collaborate ratios, uniting
    atoms and molecules

    Fibonacci's how do you make those golden ratios,
    On fresh daisy petals that grow,
    On turning sunflower faces,
    Insight, on our unwieldy minute paces?

    Numbers high, numbers low,
    Spirals everywhere we go
    Creating what nature innately knows,

    Nothing in nature is made alone

    Each number has influence,
    Multiplying impact, continuous
    Patterns combined in unity,
    Transform into community

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    Happy, I love this poem. Math and Nature = Science. How would fractals fit in? I have used Fibonacci's ratios on stock price history, leaving plenty
    of room to the right, to see either what $ or when moves are expected. Floors Ceilings and Time. Very cool poem.


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      Thank you Brain, I'm glad you love it. Very cool to hear how you've applied the sequence to the stock market!


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        Fibonacci is found in many, many odd places...


        • Brainwreck
          Brainwreck commented
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          DF, very cool. I have not seen it for a hurricane or cyclone. It truly is everywhere.
          I need to go find my notes for the number sequence. Cool

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        The places it turns up seems almost limitless: hurricanes, flowers, sea-shells, Higgs-Boson, fractals... it's even found in gambling and high frequency stock trading algs. It might be easier to ask where it *doesn't* appear. The math involved is almost trivial, some summations... but you keep finding this over and over. Try google on "Fibonacci pyramids" -- you get into some really strange stuff. People have even mapped it onto the Mona Lisa


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          D F, the Mona Lisa. Fib oh notch you.


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            D F, I googled. It is everywhere from the minutia to galaxies. I have got to pull myself away and get back to my new love, poetry.
            I will revisit it later. It just keeps coming up, down or sideways. It does not matter. Cool stuff.


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              I hope many odd places, are in thought provoking spaces. I wanted to explore the idea that math, which is everywhere, may have a formula, in this example, the Fibonacci's, to end class divisions, our man made separations, our aloneness in our communities. Thanks for reading and commenting


              • Brainwreck
                Brainwreck commented
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                I just started reading poetry in March. I was a math type girl. I am very concrete, right or wrong person, I am trying
                to learn how to see figuratively. and to play with words. Strange, I am in my 50's.

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              Brain, I think that's great, you're never too old to start something new.