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  • Defined by Hope

    It’s not your skin that makes you kin, nor forms the ties that bind
    It’s more the heart that makes a start, to draw another kind
    It’s not a troupe or rigid group defining who belongs
    It’s more a place inspired by grace that sings its welcome songs
    It’s not a town of great renown where only some can dwell
    It’s more a home where e’er you roam with stories safe to tell
    It’s not a ‘tree’ of family where only blood-line reigns
    It’s more a space where every face shares smiles amid life’s pains
    It’s not a peer who makes it clear that status quo is king
    It’s more a friend with hands to lend when wider world gives sting
    It’s not a cage compounding rage where limits hold you penned
    It’s more a cure that holds secure when hope is near its end
    It’s not a fate condoning hate, excusing mindless fails
    It’s choice each day to walk in ways where charity prevails
    It’s not some struggling, caste-stained swamp, defining who you’ll be
    It’s selfless love of servant souls that builds community
    It’s not a god with axe to prod and grind the ‘other’ down
    It’s Heart of Him who conquered sin; it’s Love that bears the crown
    It’s not a lie, pie-in-the-sky, that never can be known
    It’s me…and you…each thing we do; the scattered seed we’ve sown
    It’s not a fail or hist'ry tale elusive in our days
    It’s in our pow'r this very hour to hold to better ways
    With each new dawn we pray upon the will to see us through
    Then hand-in-hand, together stand to light the way anew

    ©RhymeLovingWriter 2016
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