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The Blink of an Eye

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  • pipersfancy
    commented on 's reply
    Given the topic of your poem, I'd be curious to see your thoughts on a poem I submitted for this contest back in January entitled, "Murmurations". Only if you are so inclined, of course! I posted it so long ago, I think the only way to access it now is from my own profile page.

  • MHenry
    commented on 's reply
    Hi, pipersfancy, Thanks for your comment, and the parenthetical recognition!

  • pipersfancy
    Lovely exploration of unknown and unknowable truths... (And... I think Einstein most definitely came from an advanced Alien race...)

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  • MHenry
    Thank you, graydon. I appreciate your valuable feedback and the time you invest to read and remark.
    Thank you for the 'like" Suz-zen!

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  • graydon archer
    This is an awe inspiring write MHenry! To say we were the first, the only, and the last, are merely opinions formed by those intellectuality incapable of inductive reasoning.

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  • MHenry
    started a topic The Blink of an Eye

    The Blink of an Eye

    The Blink of an Eye

    From a distance, a mosaic of color
    As if looking through a prism
    Over a dark, vast and starry background
    Holding secrets of millenniums past
    Never to be known by humankind

    A tiny piece of an infinite space
    Incomprehensibly far away
    Created by a supreme being
    Or the inevitable clash of unknowable forces
    Destined forever to attract and repel

    Now, peering back, back, back in time
    Through ancient shafts of light
    Now, detecting strange new objects
    Through wobbles, flickers, and ripples
    Looking back to the moment of creation

    Objects billions of times brighter
    More massive than our sun
    Unexplained phenomenon
    Celestial bodies defying physics
    Einstein's theories proved right again

    Particles - elusive, infinitesimally small
    Discovered in high speed collisions
    The building blocks of life
    Scattered about the universe
    In the hearts and tails of comets

    The secrets of the human genome
    Uncovered and spliced
    3d printers, proteins and amino acids
    Programmed to print embryos remotely
    Pick a size, a shape, a color

    Pay in Bitcoin, or use Applepay
    Sorry, we've been hacked
    A hostile foreign government
    Has your genome, your social security number
    And the proceeds of your bank accounts

    Odds are, humankind
    Is not the first intelligent species
    To inhabit the universe
    Odds are, it won't be the last
    A blink of an eye and we are gone