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To Belong Feels Like Heaven on Earth

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  • To Belong Feels Like Heaven on Earth

    To Belong Feels Like Heaven on Earth Written by Sondra Tennie
    I'm looking for that place only my heart can see that special place of peace, unending joy, and security Guide me eyes to a fresh and pure scenery
    Don't allow distractions just protect my path leading me straight and narrow but not making it easy Just showing me how to reach my peaceful destiny
    I desire that place where my words will flow soft and pure never harming but bringing delight to those listening ears to reassure that God speaks through us to show He's here wherever you may be Ever so present wrapping up every situation so that He's lifted up and ONLY He will receives the glory
    I'm needing to reach that place where coalescence of faith grows within family, friends, and coworkers praying without ceasing but ceasing to divide and conquer with hearts like a stone not having empathy of ones striving for greatness but less fortunate and anchoring to a less than reality that holds fear of subjugation and hate I'm constantly needing to leave that place
    That hell I see it’s full of boasts, greed, envy, and undesirable misery
    I'm waving goodbye to old habits and negative concerns of oneself becoming confident in whom I am and being in love with being able to look back at how far I've come
    Constantly removing those defeatist minds from my presence only allowing sanguine souls to accent my journey's progressions
    So I've found that place it has been within me all along being held back by a mindset of feeling like I don't belong.
    I'm no longer trapped by an inferior perspective but an outlook of authority as I work in God's favor. Never giving up or in for I know it’s nothing but everlasting grace and mercy covering and surrounding me given from my Savior.
    Knowing who I belong to and who allowed my soul a rebirth. Now I have found and will always live with heaven on earth!

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    Beautiful! Let s never forget that when we forget who we are, who our highest selves are, we can recreate ourselves at any time. God like beings like to dance the dance of forgetting and remembering in order to experience the joy of remembering and re-creating ourselves. Your message is one of hope and transcendence. Keep writing and re-creating yourself Stennie.....


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      Thank you so much for the kind feedback.