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Deep and Dark Do Not Venture In! (Encore by popular demand)

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  • Deep and Dark Do Not Venture In! (Encore by popular demand)

    Deep and Dark Do Not Venture In!

    Depression, a deep, eerie cave, hacked out in one's mind,,
    The deeper one ventures, The surface harder to find,,

    Be cautious of "guides" that would offer to you a way out,,
    And mindful of where you found that "guide" lurking about,,

    "A mind is a terrible thing to waste", A statement so true,,
    I've been driven deeper inside by a friend I once knew,,

    Not unlike the fleeting light the deeper in the cave you be,,
    Precisely as that fleeting light, In the dark your hope will flee,,

    I fear that once one reaches the bottom, Its the end of the line,,
    For down that deep, and down so dark, No living thing you'll find,,

    I am that "one", I've ventured so deep, I'm very near the end,,
    No hope, No one to love, No way out, Not even a lousy friend,,

    So this cave at the entrance, Heed the warning, and read the signs,,
    For if one dares to venture in, Its one's life, that must be left behind,,

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    Thank you Brainwreck, you made my day


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