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    It's hard to wait for the one you love. To have you here now is what I want. It's what you want too, I know. July is taking forever to get here. It's just a few months away. I don't want to live without you. I want my life with you to start. To be able to talk to you anytime I want. To look in your eyes and see your smile.

    To feel you next to me knowing it's not a dream. To be in your arms, and love you the way I want to. I just want to be with you now. I need your strength to push through the day. I want to hear you laugh, and feel your skin against mine. I just want you home with me where you belong. So I can kiss you a million times over, just because I love you.

    I want us to go pick out our pie for breakfast in bed. And hear you tell me you love me, because you do. To wait for the one you love to come home from anywhere is hard. I wait for you because it's what I do; I Love You.
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    Wow- Love expressed so clearly. He is a lucky man. You leave me wanting love and pie for breakfast.


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      Thank you very much and I think he would agree with you.