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VILLANELLE #4 The Immunity of a Marvelous Community

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  • VILLANELLE #4 The Immunity of a Marvelous Community


    Living amongst friends, in a safe, securitized community,
    Enhances one's life, and it gives everyone more ability;
    People united, creates a desirable reality!

    The Parents, legally armed and protected,
    Family dogs, quickly have intruders detected,
    Scoundrels and sinners, are quickly suspected.

    Watchful caring neighbors, gives one freedom with impunity,
    A quality education, will blossom with diversity,
    Cooperation with neighbors, gives us peace and tranquility.

    Potluck parties and barbecues, just a little beer and wine,
    Sharing our home recipes, and the latest clothing designs,
    Safe, friendly neighborhood bars, therefore no need to drive.

    Unfamiliar, new musical sounds freely abound,
    Singing voices, schools and churches resound,
    At Christmastime, it is a lovely, glittering town.

    The luxury of knowing sincere, sensitive neighbors, that always have genuine pity,
    Happy voices from the youngsters, with emanations unique, so very clever and witty,
    The squeals and the screams, of joyful children thriving, freely playing, in a delightful city,
    A colony of melancholy joviality; fond, friendly, familiarity.

    Dr. Leuss
    Safe in the neighborhood!
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    Merely having 19 lines does not constitute a villanelle. The form contains only two rhymes and uses two refrains in a certain order regardless of what meter the poem is composed in.