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"The Heavy" - Vol. I

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  • "The Heavy" - Vol. I

    The city is heavy.
    Spines being trampled over trivial matters; nonsense; petty.
    Pulled over cuz Metro Boomin' finessin' in my Durango/Navigator/Chevy.
    The city is heavy.
    Cuz they killed Carlos; Gray; Freddie.
    B-more is heavy.
    B-more is crooked cops chitterlings; spare ribs; belly.
    Section 8 be a birthright; asking price; levy.
    Lesley McSpadden is heavy.
    Because Darren Wilson turned deadly.
    Michael Brown Sr. is heavy.
    Because he'll never get to send his son to college; take out Great Lakes Loans/FAFSA; spend a pretty penny.
    The city is heavy.
    Cos Michael Brown Jr's Red Blood Cells is spilt 'gainst asphalt like ziti; ravioli - Boyardee; O's; spaghetti.
    The city is Auschwitz concentration camp-heavy.
    I can feel it in the air.
    I can see it in the bags of the eyes of a 69-year old woman shuffling with cardboard; her curled lip; monobrow; glare.
    Cops erry'where.
    They want us scurred.
    They want to hunt. They want us skinn'd. We Bambi. We roadkill; fur.
    Bodymore is heavy.
    Essex is heavy.
    Pikesville is heavy.
    Stevenson is heavy.
    We the black people is heavy.
    I hurt.
    Wondering if I open my mouth will I be next; buried 6 feet under?
    Kissing mulch; limestone; dirt.
    Like my brothers Jordan Russell Davis and Trayvon Benjamin Martin; beauty-sleeping under earthworms.
    I know the brown people suffer.
    But who will be voice of reason; buffer?
    The city is heavy because of color.
    And racism be a quilt; duvet; cover.
    Racism be a comfort.
    Racism lingers in the air like a hot and unbearable summer.
    Except it lasts long; longer; longest; a lifetime.
    Oppression is a birthright.
    Oppression breed hate.
    Hate segregate.
    Hate make us inmate.
    Hate divide, conquer, and separate.
    Hate be the most powerful weapon to date.
    The city is heavy.
    The city be Picasso itself; the blood stains leave the city in mosaics; textiles; messy.

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    nayomiaracelly, I love this poem as well. The Heavy series just rocks.


    • nayomiaracelly
      nayomiaracelly commented
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      Thank you so very much. What all did you take away from this piece?

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    Police brutality.


    • Sister Greed
      Sister Greed commented
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      I guess that may be too simple to say police brutality. The systematic degradation of everybody other than white Christian heterosexual capitalistic patriarchal men?

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    That was mildly put. But I liked your second take on it. It was well-thought. I was showcasing what the new normal was.....