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  • They Were Here

    They were here
    They were here just a minute
    If not a thousand years ago
    A million years to begin it
    Now the race must be let go
    But that’s what they avoided
    An end to all they said they were
    An entire species voided
    With only ugly to refer
    Sure steeples still loom high
    Showing power that never existed
    Never asking why
    No one resisted
    The stained glass of our creation
    The gas stations and highways strewn with plastic
    The ugly of a nation
    Too bad it’s so elastic
    The artificial lights
    Seen from space
    Signify the heights
    Of the ‘never-ending’ race
    The race is over now
    But they never got to finish
    The sweat on their brow
    Never could diminish
    Yes, the disease has caught them
    A checkmate in chess
    Now there’s nothing left to rot them
    No reaching, striving for success
    Perhaps in a couple million years
    A new intelligence will return
    Set up with new fears
    More for them to ‘earn’
    Yes, they were here
    With thinkers and doers galore
    If they had known the end was near
    Would they have done any more?

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    I appreciate They Were Here, tarrodactyl. It's very somber and thought-provoking, excellently penned, with a strong ending. Thank you!