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  • Gone Before

    Last edited by grant hayes; 12-25-2017, 09:22 PM.

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    Your command of imagery is staggering!. What a beautiful and rich flow of lava. I keep rereading and mine new precious metals and insights with each read. Lovely.


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      Exquisite! I am really in awe of your writing. Thank you or sharing this !


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        Thank you both for your sharing your appreciation, Suz-zen and Tanner. This poem is the closest thing to the 'Community' theme I've come up with.


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          Hi, grant, I just saw this post. Sorry, I am late. This is fantastic stuff. The first stanza takes us to a place we've all been. The entire poem is beautifully written and I will read it and read it again to do as Tanner did -- mine for more nuggets of pure poetic gold.


          • grant hayes
            grant hayes commented
            Editing a comment
            Hi MHenry, hey, there are no starting times at my shares, my friend 😊 There is so much else to enjoy on the forums.
            I'm glad you like this one. It's long-ish, I know, but more relatable, perhaps, than some other shares of mine. It has been through many reworkings before this present form. I am always concerned that extensive revision can take the 'heart' out of a work, but in this case, I think, the revisions rescued it.
            Thanks again for your continuing interest and support, MHenry. Your appreciation means a lot to the poets who post here.