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    Lil SY - Community

    I'm from a place
    more diverse than encyclopedias,
    Yet were constantly portrayed
    as hoods to the medias,
    Because the hood is where we're at
    And the bando is where we trap,
    But that isn't the only thing we know how to do
    They just don't talk about the good stuff too,
    But I'm not even trying to blame a reporter
    Because I already know we can get out of order,
    But I don't wanna talk about injustice
    Because I got tunnel vision So i'm focused in just this
    But our tendency to flip ain't a reason to trip,
    Because everybody already know it's true,
    That if you place,
    But if you truly want unity
    Then it's up to you and me,
    Not the media who wants to make me the uhh,
    Bad guy named SY,
    Because I rap good
    Plus I'm from the hood,
    But the truth is
    I'd make a terrible trapper
    Because I'd prefer to be a rapper,
    Since I ain't all that Street
    Maybe because my blood flow to a heart beat,
    I know to placing God's name in vain is an easy feat,
    but before you try to mistreat
    Or turn me into mincemeat,
    keep in mind no one wants to be criticized
    For a line they want to utilize,
    And besides I only do it to have proof,
    That poetry is in me,
    And good can come from the hood

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    Please read all the way through


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      This is an excellent example of what I was hoping to read about community - not simply people's opinions, but actual experiences in places that don't fit easily or neatly into the usual slot of what most folks think is the definition of the word but places that exist and thrive as communities despite being overlooked as such. Very well done.


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        That sounds like a fantastic rap. I like.


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          Thanks guys I really appreciate it I was nervous posting it because it was extremely different from other post I was getting views but I wasn't getting any feedback so I really appreciate it


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            Well done for having the courage to post something different, because different is great. I have to admit to having a one track mind and looking at the twee, idealistic side of the word community, but your words are far more real and feel like they throw me straight into the midst of the community that you live in. A great rap, even when I perform it in my head, so if I heard it for real it would be even better! Well done, and keep on being true to yourself and your own style.


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              I just appreciate you guys taking the time to like and comment