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  • Not Alone

    Quiet in the night but hardly dark,
    Even through sleepy curtains
    And drawn faces at their panes,
    Even where clouds make their mark
    And cold stalks the halls on a breath,
    Though moonlight wanes
    At the shudder of death
    In the morning, or evening
    When the stars come to rest
    Behind towers of light
    In a thundering street,
    Behind pillars of rust
    In a sinner’s retreat,
    Where the night is the day
    And the day is a blight
    That pierces the shadows
    That bleed out of sight
    And now as that breath
    Is drawn down and away
    The curtains are closed,
    And the bells start to play.

    Silent as dusk, silent as stones
    That roll on the path
    And rest all alone
    ‘Neath the sins of the feet
    And the sins of the breath
    That swallowed the night
    And spat out its death
    To roll still along
    And soak through the street
    To the bones of the city
    That grovel beneath
    In a petrified gloom
    Of wallowing gold
    Where none but the eyeless
    Will ever behold;
    Here down below
    More than ever above
    Will the songs of the sewers
    Echo of love,
    As their ears melt away
    Behind decadent prayers
    The song carries on,
    But nobody cares.

    Though the ground makes remark
    With melodious tones,
    The air only quivers,
    And shudders, and moans
    And scuttling shadows
    Which bathe it its sight
    Are smothered, surrounded
    And sickened by light
    With its biting retorts
    And a wondrous cascade
    Of judgement and coarse,
    Coarse lines *–
    They ruin what darkness defines.


    And in the knowledge of sight
    The shadows remain now
    Because of the light,
    And oh how it hurts
    And such is the pain
    As the sun bellows out
    They are, all of them, same
    And one with the day
    And one with the night
    And one with the blood,
    And the flesh, and the light,
    And each in his own
    Is battered and cursed
    Behind mirrors of silver
    In their sorrow immersed
    But unlike that silent,
    That thundering stone,
    No suffering soul
    Ever suffers alone.

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    I particularly like the "scuttling shadows."


    • #3
      What a wonderful write! Totally enjoyable...


      • #4
        Thank you Charlotte I was hooked from start to finish


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          This is a very beautiful and melodious write, impeccably rhymed and metered. It is lyrical and lush. A wonderful read! Thank you, Charlotte!


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            Charlotte, this poem is beautifully written. It held my short attention span from start to finish. And I will be back later. Thank for P Poet and MHenry
            for reviving it yesterday. I totally missed the first time around. I love it. I am now going to try and write something with short lines. I think
            it is probably harder than it looks. WoW

            Just saw it was your first poem. Welcome to the Zone. I hope you have not left. I have a feeling
            you will get more feedback now that it is back in front of us. I don't know why this happens sometimes.
            I hate that it happened on your first poem here.
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