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  • Mum and Dad

    Mum and Dad
    I hope you're glad
    To know I feel this way
    I've been holding it in
    Feeling like a sin
    But now I'm ready to say...
    I'm gay.
    I know you'll be disappointed in me,
    But I just want you to know,
    That this is who I am forever and
    This is how my story goes.
    It started off with me liking some girl,
    From her heart right to her clothes,
    But when I realized how I felt,
    I couldn't help but feel enclosed.
    But now that I say this
    I feel so very exposed.

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    Dear Daughter,
    Though you think we won't understand
    Find a way to tell us
    And we will hold your hand
    You are our daughter
    Love who you would love
    We will love her, too.
    As we will always,
    Love you

    Thanks, UtopiaParadise, for a lovely poem with honest emotion!