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  • Ladies in the Park

    Spring, in her prime
    with wings this time,
    whispering with warm wanderlust,
    the days of her stillness through seasons past
    decaying in memory and dust

    She flies! How she flies!
    Our lady of the park
    beneath stunning skies,
    just a cunning red spark

    Kaleidoscope eyes,
    antennae beholding
    the sweetest reprise
    of fresh life unfolding

    She finds me—skyscraper
    with pen to paper,
    bent, wringing wet wonderment
    from trees, cool breeze, soft laughter of children—
    all flung on the page, never spent.

    Searching feet, smiling eyes—
    our fond moment of meeting
    now together, allies
    sharing spring’s glorious greeting

    Gold thread, unbroken,
    has pierced us straight through;
    Warm thought unspoken
    has woven us two

    Two ladies in the park, stitched by the same mother
    admiring Earth’s threads as they shine,
    find each other.
    Last edited by Laura Brock; 04-12-2016, 08:37 AM.

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    I just want to say: Thank you, RhymeZone! I use your rhyming generator every time I write a poem, and the topic for this contest was particularly inspirational for me.


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      Nicely wrought, winsome thought.


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        Thanks for your time!
        Thanks for your rhyme!



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          Lighter, Time's relentless tread
          when lines like thine I've read.


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            Readers (I know this is a long shot, because there are more than a thousand threads here) you think I should be concerned about rhyming "eyes" and "reprise?" RhymeZone says that they DO rhyme, but some people have told me that "reprise" can only be pronounced "re-preez."


            • LeJacquesCesaire
              LeJacquesCesaire commented
              Editing a comment
              Laura- I don't think you should be concerned. I would pronounce it "re-preeze" colloquially, but rhetorically, it's seen to be intentionally rhymed with "eyes".

              I thought the poem was terrific- you're an artist who paints the canvas of paper with her rhetoric.

              Totally appropriate poetic license, and I think you have a great shot at being a stand-out.

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            I pronounce reprise so it rhymes with eyes, and I would defend you in any court of writ if you did the same. I love the poem, so beautifully written.


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              Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate your kind words. And...I think that stanza may finally stop keeping me up at night. :-) Hehe


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                A beautiful poem thank you