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  • Iron (Fe)

    Love has been born. How do I protect thee?
    Encase you in armour for your saFety?
    The helmet, the suit, the sword, and the shield,
    Protected and hidden, loved and concealed.
    My salty tears of joy stream readily,
    Then my breath comes strong and steadily,
    But air and water are nature’s own way.
    The rust sets in, I begin to decay.

    Encased in my love you will always be
    SaFe, protected, for all eternity.
    The protection of my love you can trust;
    Iron rusts. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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    Oh Yea, I love this iron clad poem. It is ok k potassium which I text.
    Your poem is better than potassium. I see your element.
    It was the Fe that caught my attention to read your poem.
    You put science and poetry together, I Like.
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      Thanks so much Brainwreck. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!


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        Wonderfully written and greatly enjoyed, 1sided!


        • 1sided
          1sided commented
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          Thanks Dee, Deelighted with your comments.

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        My pleasure!


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          Hi 1sided i like this clever poem...


          • 1sided
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            Thanks Suz-Zen

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          I also like to combine my love for science and poems as you have! We have that in common!


          • Brainwreck
            Brainwreck commented
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            I love science also. I do not have any courses under my belt. But, I love googling
            most anything science. Genetics, Med's, etc. I with that I had taken chemistry
            in high school. I am of the age where girls did home ec. yuck I left hating it.
            Do you work in science?
            I read almost anything on mental illness, neurotransmitters, etc. I got
            a real kick out of your poem.
            I like answering a text that Ok, k at potassium. I usually get some questions
            about what is going on in that head, until I explain. I can't remember where
            I first saw that. But, I use it.
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          • 1sided
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            Thanks Vianna. Within my limited knowledge and understanding I love science too. This was a first for me though, but I'm definitely going to look into doing it more.

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          Oh, my, I just googled Sa. It has several different entries but the funniest one is Sexaholics Anonymous.


          • 1sided
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            Thanks Brainwreck, I don't work in science and don't really have much knowledge but what I lack there I think I make up for in interest and curiosity. Like you I'll google anything!
            This poem came about when my little boy told me I was his knight and I started thinking about knights as protectors and my mortality knowing I won't be here forever but hoping my love and teaching will remain his protection and help him to value the unseen, like morals and relationships and how when I am no longer here, I hope he will have a community of people around him. TMI lol