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  • Agape

    It was an unconditional love that tied us all together,
    reminding us of our humanity, laid bare in baby blankets and deathbeds;
    the thought that we would all return to the same earth someday
    was one that kept our heads high and our eyes locked on each other.

    I know you fought the good fight,
    scraped knees and bruised hearts as you stumbled into the next morning;
    I know you loved and lost like you had no tomorrow,
    seizing the day with the fear the universe would swallow you up and never spit you back out again.

    In the end, we are just all vessels waiting to be filled,
    glass jars yearning for lost marbles, skipping stones, even pennies to wish upon—
    Always wanting more, we surged on ahead, fueled by curiosity and the demands of unfulfilled bucket lists,
    Constantly evolving as we gained battle-scars and shed our tears along the way.

    Even if we are merely just strangers passing one another on the street,
    I can still grasp straws at the dignity pulled taut across your shoulders,
    the spark of Prometheus flaring in your nostrils and the breath of God dancing in your eyes.

    We may have never met but at the very least, we share a respect for one another
    as kindred in the ultimate struggle to live, runners stumbling together in the race of a lifetime,
    members of the very same community.