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  • Mosaic

    You could find us on a floor,
    On a ceiling, or a wall.
    You could find us in a playground,
    In a park, or in a hall.
    You could find us in a church,

    In a Mosque, or Mithraeum.
    You could find us in a school,
    A library, or museum.

    We are made from broken pieces;
    Shattered glass, tiny stone,
    Ceramics of all colours,
    Fragments of shell and bone.
    Every piece is different,
    Important and unique.
    Just rubble on our own
    But together we can speak.

    Together we are more than the sum of our parts.
    Together we are strong, beautiful art.
    Together we can live.
    Together we can give the world it’s heart.
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    Your title, which I like a lot, drew me in. Interesting perspective!


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      Thanks bobby.

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    Oh my gosh, I love this image of community! I kept thinking of it as a tapestry, with many strings woven together to make something new and beautiful, but I love the idea of all the broken, beautiful pieces of glass instead of strands and strings!


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      Thank you so much sto pro veritate. Rich tapestry is a great idea too! Did you write it. If so would you point me in the direction?