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Tethered To The Land

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  • Tethered To The Land

    Author's Note: As community can be defined many ways, this poem, inspired
    by a photograph from a WPA Midwest photographic anthology from the 20's
    and 30's, portrays an expansive vintage rural community tied together by
    common individual life styles and experiences.

    Tethered To The Land
    ( Midwest Plains)

    Born in a cornhusk feather bed
    Many miles from city medicine
    Conditioned by a solar clock
    Untempered here by Edison

    Bathed in bucket lime water spa
    Quarried by a windmill
    Clothed in homespun fashion dried
    Strung out from whitewashed windowsill

    Suckled on butterfat fresh from cow
    Unfettered by convention
    Fed sun dried grain from basket filled
    By McCormick's new invention

    Unhemmed young hellion spirits stretch
    With plenty of space to run
    Bodies toughened by hard work
    And baked out in the sun

    In prime of life a mate is sought
    And wooed with sacred vows
    To perpetuate the grand estate
    Of property, corn, and cows

    Wide sky days and star drenched nights
    Send thoughts toward heaven scanning
    As Summer's heat and Winter's cold
    Breed seasonal family planning

    A solitary tree shaded grave site
    Punctuates the plains
    Where hand wrought seedbed furrows
    Make art of growing pains

    As generation to generation
    Springs forth with infant's cry
    When time has come to plant this pod
    Under tree dormant let me lie.

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    Congratulations tugcaptmark! Nicely won!


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        Great to read the thread. I'm amused if it's still active. The news busters