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  • My Father

    Firm you stand
    As an old oak tree

    Rooted in your beliefs
    As wise as an eagle
    Who's decisions are as profound as the wind
    The same profundity on which are blown
    Your leaves of wisdom
    I eagerly rake

    Progeny of a strange fruit
    I, "the bloodclot of"

    Stand in rank amongst these mighty oaks
    In saluted respect

    Earnestly seeking your approval
    Your acceptance,
    Your love
    My father

    Your love

    My father...

    I love

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    Wonderful tribute Odonko-da, simply wonderful...


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      So Nice. I miss my father.


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        Very beautiful poem expressing sincere sentiments. Odonko-ba. I see that "Father" is an emerging theme here. I may try to catch that bandwagon!


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          Beautiful tribute to your father!


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            Thanks poets. This piece was written during a very difficult time for me. My father is still alive, but a piece of him died upon seeing me, his eldest incarcerated. But that was eons ago and we are good now. Thanks for all the support and encouragement.


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              I rarely like free-form verse; that may be a failing on my part. Sumimasen.

              Our past is what colors our future, but it is the things that we regret that molds those colors into a shape.

              "Fathers die, but sons
              catch the grave chill, looking in
              at lost forgiveness.


              • Odonko-ba
                Odonko-ba commented
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                Thank you for such a touching sentiment, and an absolutely wonderful Haiku. Please come and join us in group Haiku. It would be an honor.

              • D.F.Russell
                D.F.Russell commented
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                You are quite welcome. Again, forgive me, but I'm a bit of a demophobe. No personal offence intended.

                Best wishes, DFR

              • Odonko-ba
                Odonko-ba commented
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                None taken. I'm a bit of an introvert myself.

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              Another beautiful piece. Very soulful


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                As always, thank you my friend.