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  • healing breeze

    all alone in my community
    troubles near and far
    I feel the healing breeze
    of people caring who you are

    the sadness is over powering
    there's no end to the sorrow
    but with the healing breeze
    there might be a tomorrow

    the nights are still and lonely
    and so very hard to get through
    but then comes the healing breeze
    made of the love from each of you

    the gray skies seemed so endless
    my soul and body so painful
    but because of your healing breeze
    I now feel hope and I am grateful

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    I like this poem Chester B. You went from sad to hopeful to grateful. Cool.


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      Hi Chester B,
      I love the opening stanza. It has a good rhythmic flow to it, and the concept of a 'healing breeze' coming from the individuals who care is so gentle and thought-provoking. It is so easy to think that one small gesture is pointless and lost in the scheme of things, but the gentle breeze is indeed healing at the right moment and is a welcome, refreshing feeling that those who search for a glimmer of hope and kindness really appreciate. Good insight: thanks for sharing.


      • Chester B
        Chester B commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks: I tried to express that I am grateful for even the smallest acts of kindness from so many that helped me become who I am today.

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      I feel much better now. Simply beautiful!


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        I sighed aloud as I read this... the type of sigh that I know comes from my soul. It tells me it is all going to be OK. Relief. Letting go of pent up emotions. Vibrations don't lie; they come in through the window, or in in a dream, and now in your poem a healing breeze.

        ‚ÄčThank you Chester B


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          Thank you for your kind words.