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  • Community: What is it?

    Community: What is it? How can it be defined?
    Could it be real and tangible? Is it a state of mind?

    How do I feel a part of it? How can I claim to be
    An entity within? How can community mean me?

    I’d love to be involved in one, to feel like I belong;
    To be upheld by others,then support them, when I’m strong.

    To me, the word 'community' has inference of good;
    Of unity of spirit and a bond that’s understood.

    It boasts a connectivity that’s infinitely strong;
    A thread that runs throughout, and ties its members in, as one.

    Its visionary empathy can stretch out far beyond
    The limits of a family or simple friendship bond.

    But what gives it authority? What is its diadem?
    When 'group' becomes 'community', from where does power stem?

    Is it just simply sharing on a special, heartfelt scale?:
    An empathetic movement for its body to avail?

    Though, what use is a body without spirit, heart and soul?
    So, maybe then, community needs life, to be made whole…..

    A living, breathing passion for its members, woven in:
    A marriage of their spirits that creates a next of kin.

    For spirit of community brings liberty and light;
    A sense of selfless singleton and panoramic sight.

    So, if that is community,then where does it all start?
    What is the fibrillation that begins the beating heart?

    Or maybe should my questions take an altruistic view
    Instead of ‘what, when, where and how?’ Should I be asking ‘who?’

    Who has responsibility? Whose contribution's key?
    Who asked about community? I guess, that must be me!

    So if I have a purpose here, then maybe it could be
    To make sure that instead of ‘me’ I start to talk of ‘we’.

    For ‘we’ could be the answer? When I was asking ‘who?’,
    I wonder if the next important element is you?

    As, maybe, if ‘we’ answered all these questions from the heart
    ‘We’ might see a community of which ‘we’ could be part!

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    I hope that this is not too simplistic to enter the competition. As my first entry, I have to confess to feeling a little bit embarrassed in view of so many other 'less obvious' titles and interpretations! I wanted to be sure that I had a full understanding of the definition of 'community' and what its implications and effects are before I began writing, but I found that each definition that I came across understated the power and value of community as I see it! Hence, the understanding of the word became a complex enough subject to write about, so I hope that comes across okay?!


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      I know that this is cheeky but
      I hope that you don't mind....
      I'd love to hear some views on this
      If you would be so kind.
      I wrote it on a day when many posts were added too
      And so it hardly had a chance for anyone to view!


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        Sometimes to be able to grasp an idea we have to write it in the most simple way. When defining something, there's no need to beat around the bush! Also, I love all the questions you ask in the poem. It's a sure-fire way to get people thinking!


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          I like the way that your questions posed flow so gracefully into poem form? Very relevant when asking about the form and function of community. I like it. It's kind of a how-to guide to community building!


          • Smee
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            Oo, I love that thought: a 'How-to' guide of community building! Thanks for that Sister Greed

          • Sister Greed
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            Yes, I think you're one of the few poets that worked on the precept of "creating community," and asked practical -- yet poetic -- questions. Your poem should be a must read for anybody attempting to create community. How can we create what we ourselves do not understand?

          • Smee
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            Ironically, my conclusion was that a community can't be created unless more than one person seeks it, but I think that sometimes some seek more actively than others, so they need to do the gathering and inspiring while others are simply prepared to be gathered and inspired! It's always possible with enough compassion, humility and determination.

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          Hi Smee, You are a very good rhymer. You will have no trouble handling Ballade.


          • Smee
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            Hi John, thank you for the encouragement. I will put Ballade on my 'to do' list as my next challenge to myself. (I've only just noticed that 'ballade' and 'ballad' are two different poem forms, thanks to your comment, so I am learning already!) By the way, if its okay to pick your brains, can I just ask whether it's appropriate to write a ballade in a natural flowing modern language style or is it supposed to use traditional language? Is the rhyme scheme sufficient to use as the style format?
            Thanks again for your guidance John

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          Sto_Pro_Veritate: Thanks loads for your feedback. I always feel like I have so many questions whizzing around my head, but none of the answers, so a word with such immense scope as 'community' set my head spinning when I started thinking it through. It seemed like the only sane thing to do to have the conversation in a more public setting with actual people!


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            I would think it is fine not to try to imitate the archaic language of the time when ballade was first being done. Modern writers often sound stilted when they use terms that are out of date. I use the "thee and thou" forms when I need them for an end rhyme. Don't know if people are put off or not.


            • Smee
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              Thanks for that John. I don't think thee and thou is off-putting, but I know that its not inkeeping with my own style so I probably couldnt do it appropriately or sound true to myself, so its good to know that I can use a language style that I'm comfortable with.