To Kxzzyxin Sea

We waved from the gangplank
And they replied from the deck
Unaware that this would be
The last time they'd be seen

It seems really bright
To be seven o'clock

Waving from railings
On the tall dock

Not calm or collected
Watching them go

Triumphant collective
Coming back, we know

Fading into distance the ship
Soon disappears
Clutching others' hands
Wishing we were there and not here

Carefree together
Some sort of tranquil

All properly dressed
And improperly thankful

Coming along
To cheer on from the dock

All the brave few who
Set out to nock

In our brave new world
There's nothing left to see
Nothing left to see
Of the land we've whorled

Following fleets
Out to the blue sea

Stopping to look
At the unknown trees

Off of the coast
Of exotic locations

Where the ships went
We'll never see the face of

Caught in cloth's cradle
Rippling on a mast
Off now in star's ladle
Into unknown cast
Our bold

We were on the pier
In our old world
From that last landing
Our wishes were clear

All of the people
Watching them leave

Were crisp with the thought
Of the fleet returning

Year after year
We would wait and watch

To see if our ship
Had found what it sought

Without rest
Went so many nights
Searching the horizon
For our brave ship's crest

A heroic endeavor
First drafted from

A lust to see
What our world could become

All of the people
Watching them leave

Dreamed of the tales
That they might bring

From lighthouses
Looking all the while
Where hotter than a fire
Water's light was doused in

Speculated wonders
Might be found by the men

Shouting their findings
Every where and when

Telling stories of things
And the flags they staked

A lonely legacy left
In their lulling wake