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America, the 4th world country (022)

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  • America, the 4th world country (022)

    We live in a whole new generation
    People can’t even share an opinion
    We hate each other due to religion
    Can you really not see the deception?

    Do you really hate someone ‘cause he’s dark?
    You cannot shoot at someone ‘cause they bark!
    This hatred is just going to be spark
    To a war that’s going to leave a mark

    Never ending selfishness has helped
    The inability to accept helped
    Our anger and hatred slowly crept
    Our love and compassion quickly left

    With nothing left but our blood boiling
    I sit in this living room awaiting
    All of this bullshit, so fascinating
    Why can’t we all be appreciating

    You can pray but mine’s better than yours
    You can cry but they won’t sweep your floors
    All that you can do is just stay indoors
    Before they just put you on all fours

    Like a good friend once said to me
    America ain’t it some fucking sight to see?

    - Pyre