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  • Dragon Blood

    He sits on the edge of the world
    unconcerned with the
    dissimulation of
    polite society
    busy little bee's
    bouncing off reality
    living the dream he
    so valiantly fought to protect
    he sits there quietly
    saturated in urine
    manufactured of
    white port fueled
    by memory of war
    invisible to most
    but still
    a blight upon their sensibilities and
    a horrid fright to the eyes when seen
    cold hungry and shivering
    they could give a shit to his welfare
    they cogitate his insanity
    his own undoing
    and that smell
    the smell of death
    lurking waiting to pounce
    on yet another of society's outcast
    putrid sores cover flesh uncovered
    where gnats and flies feast
    and maggots dine beneath the skin and
    his breath
    his breath smells of Dragon Blood
    do we even know what Dragon Blood is?
    apparently he does
    two tours in Vietnam an a Purple Heart for bravery
    yet he sits on the edge of the world
    bravely trampled underfoot of apathy
    absent of coalition
    he wishes only to be left alone
    to dance in the pain
    of degredation
    and waltz in the face of death
    until God calls him to reckoning
    he will sit there on the edge of the world
    listening to
    the mundane idiocrasy of those who wander by
    left to his own maundering
    invisible that is
    until the olympics come to town

    For those on the streets who has been cast out - and forgotten.
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    This was a sad but true read. This last 2 lines are true. He is invisible to all until they want the streets clean for the olympics. I took the poem very literal.

    You made the sad in a beautiful way. I have read it twice more and love it more each time I read it.
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    • Odonko-ba
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      Yes it is sad. Its happening in Rio as we speak.

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    Real Heroes aren't athletes. Volunteer for a Vet today. Go to a nursing home and tell them thank you/ Fantastic poem and message.....


    • Odonko-ba
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      Thank you my friend

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    Great message. Vets need us now more than ever! Thanks for posting!


    • Odonko-ba
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      No man comes home sane after witnessing the harsh brutalities of war. What's cold is how society allows them to fall to the wayside. We need to do more.

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    Yes they are used and abused and cast aside or ignored.


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      Medals and bravery are how the folks in D.C. and the Pentagon present death and desperation. Were they were honest, no-one would join.

      Regardless of how anyone views the military, people should try to have some compassion for the soldiers: no-one comes out of the meat-grinder of war intact.


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        An excellent portrayal of the neglected human condition, be it from war or not...each body has a right to its own health and happiness. Well crafted. I particularly like the notion of cogitation another's insanity, that careful distance that cushions us from another's reality.
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          This is a well-written poem with an important message, Odonko-ba. Congratulations!