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  • Depression

    Zaniyah Bunn: Numb
    Huddled up in a corner,
    listening to the screams
    One followed up by another,
    flickering by like dreams
    But my mind is the loudest,
    it screams my name
    and I cannot escape it
    because it's my brain
    I won't pretend anymore,
    I'm so done
    Don't want to feel anything so I'll just be numb

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    Depression. Such a hard subject. I am going to write about mental illness in the coming weeks.
    I have the brain itch also. Wish I could choose when to be numb.


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      Years ago, people never knew much about depression. It's so good that it's come into the light. People are far more aware today. Good topic to write...


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        I also have to add that today it's ok to say that you're depressed. Back in the days, people thought that was just a weakness.


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          It's not a weakness! My friend almost committed suicide a few months ago and no one even knew that he was depressed. The most dangerous disease is hidden depression when even your closest friends can't see that something is wrong. So it's so important to take care of your mental health, as much as of physical one. You don't wait long if you have a headache, or stomach ache, or anything, you just go to the doctor or take a pill. My friend had depression and he went through therapy and I have to say, he's a completely different person now. The only thing he hasn't done is taking medication. He's using some herbal tea called kratom maeng dawhen he feels stressed and that helps a lot.
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            I know its annoyingly long but I find the words worth while I hope you do aswell

            depression is like a poison. you can try to muscle through it and still you are weakened and slowly hurt to be frozen and the life is slowly sucked out of you but some people some people they... live through it all for one person... one person they care about it is the kind of think that cripples people that hurts then and forces them into the corner it’s like a disease with no symptom that you can't hide until finally after trying to be ok to be normal you’re in so much pain that you can't face it anymore you look to alternatives but nothing seems to work but help you don't want them to know.. but in some cases you have to stay and fight to live you have to stay no matter how many things you go through no matter how worn out your hope is no matter how tired you are you force yourself to stay and fight through what normal people could only imagine so hurtful and yet some of us the strongest that still fear help we live we show ourselves we can live in some cases death is just as bad as life in some cases why care so you take risk after risk after risk without caring but if your like some of us... you find a reason to live you play life as it should be played and you stay if it’s just for yourself to exist or for someone else or you become a little happy someone helps the pain subside and allows you to feel happy even if only for a moment you then have a reason to live but it always lurks in the shadows even after medicated it’s just distant but never gone.. there is no escape not even in death and life has its moments its worth it even if its only that one time a month you talk to your friend or every time you pet your neighbor’s dog because its fluffy and doesn’t judge you....

            But then again what do i know

            I'm some stranger on the internet how could I know how anyone else feels or what’s best who am I to say you should give yourself a chance... but maybe Your worth taking a chance on or two or three or four an infinite amount maybe you are worthwhile and there is someone to live for some event some time maybe someone knows what it’s like and you’re not alone no matter the special case there has to be someone if you were in legal trouble and your friend died but you lived or your friend died and in your mind its because you weren’t there but maybe just maybe we care maybe just maybe I care and want to help but then again

            what do I know

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