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    Written and performed during a Open Mic Night at Peel Street Poetry.
    (Hong Kong's Poetry Open Mic Nights).


    Welcome to the Peel Street Poets

    Where writers, actors and artists,
    Come to perform and play,
    At 8 PM every Wednesday.
    Apart! From the first Wednesday of every month,
    Where we all go to the Fringe Club,
    And we perform our best,
    And we put our poems to the test.

    Welcome to the Peel Street Poets.
    Where minds come together,
    To let each other know,
    That you are not alone,
    That you may find unity in community,
    That you may find family in familiarity,
    That you may find solace in solidarity,
    That you may find value in vulnerability.

    Welcome to the Peel Street Poets.
    Where lost souls can find direction.
    Where wisdom can give inspiration.
    Where love can heal rejection.
    Where insight can invoke introspection.
    Where caring can create connection.
    Where performing can provide protection,
    and where poets can exchange affection.

    Welcome to the Peel Street Poets.
    Where we can tell stories of trials and tribulations.
    Where we can love our imperfections,
    Where we can heal with rhythmic repetitions,
    Welcome to the Peel Street Poets,
    Where poets use emotional expressions.
    Where poets are landmarks,
    to guide us to our respective destinations.

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    I would repeat the title as the first line of the poem. I think that was your intention
    but underlined and spaced by itself it comes across as just the do have 8 lines in each stanza, so I know
    you meant it as the first line. The rhyme is rather random; my favorite is the third stanza. I also note
    some alliteration which is a great poetic element. You describe a great community of poets.


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      Excellent post. Thank you very much!!


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