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    Hawa Diawara and Christiana Aining
    Use to visit the trash
    use to bond with the trash
    use to be the trash
    now I am the trash
    Used to be called Negroes
    No more, we would be called black
    Those were our civil rights
    And since we started to fight back
    They finna throw us in the sack
    Like bruh, learn the facts before you act
    Don’t shoot me just cause I’m black
    Don’t be blinded by the color of our skin
    Thou does not define our sin nor background
    Black power defines the black community
    And how strong we are
    The Unity we’ve had
    The legends we've created
    The history we've made
    But there are people out there
    making mockery of it, like it’s a joke
    They’re tryna bury our dignity to the grave
    Making us feel lower
    Now we wonder
    “What did our skin do to deserve this?”
    “We were just created like this”
    “We didn’t choose this”
    “But we still love this”
    If this skin were to disappear
    We would miss it
    No matter what even if we:
    Have to visit the trash
    Bond with the trash
    Even be the new trash
    All we asked for was freedom
    Now we asking for equality
    And we not just talking about this generation
    Remember the segregation?
    Yes it’s in the past
    But the past is the burden of our future
    We are slaves to our own skin
    And no matter what
    We will be judged by our skin
    and no matter what we will be
    Demons before Humans
    Losers before Winners
    Sinners before Leaders
    But you know what
    We will never be quitters
    Even if we have to
    Visit the trash
    Bond with the trash
    We are the new trash anyways
    We will reminisce on this brown ash
    We live in a world where black and white
    Is defined as right and wrong
    In a world where we stereotype
    Everyone of the same skin color
    And religious as being the same
    I’m Muslim so I’m a terrorist
    I’m Black so my life doesn’t matter
    I’m white so I am racist
    We are all united, but misguided and shortsighted
    But like Martin Luther King said

    “ He who is greatest among you shall be your servant. That’s the new definition of greatness; Everybody can be great,because everybody can serve, you don't need to know, or go anywhere to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, soul, generated by love to be that servant.”
    And like W.E.B Du Bois said
    “Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season.”
    Today we make changes!
    So let all skin rise to the same level and promise to never quarrel.

    Last edited by Hawa Diawara; 03-24-2016, 10:47 AM.

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    I love the focus you chose of SKIN and the black vs. white (good vs. evil) binary system.


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      thank you very much


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        I've always been confused why we only have black people in America. A Nigerian would be offended.


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          sorry but could you please explain what you mean, i'm confused