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Texting Pandemic

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  • Texting Pandemic

    Texting has become the biggest epidemic of all.
    Effecting so many, as a world we all fall.

    A cell and a keyboard no bigger then your hand. 
    But it's become the biggest addiction in our land.

    No need to hear a voice or see a friendly face.
    Not on this super highway it's so fast paced.

    Fonts and icons always brand new.
    And let's not forget abbreviations too.

    But somethings been lost in our new techno age.
    The ability to be human. and folks more easily enraged.

    We use to know when a friend was mad,
    But now an unanswered text is all the fad.

    Rage and insults are more easily seen.
    A simple bunch of words, but it can be so mean.

    Did we forget about values and morals.
    With all this advancement we now have more quarrels.

    I know first hand how much texting can cost.
    Say goodbye to your friends, even family maybe lost.

    Some old traditions are worth us keeping.
    Like the honor of being present when another ones weeping.

    So the next time you have a message to send.
    Stop and consider picking up the phone for that friend.

    We can love all our gadgets, the s4 and fives,
    But not at the cost of hurting other lives.

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    A great poem on friendship and communion with friends.
    The summary is somewhat weak, in that the phone is
    another gadget like I M, actually it is the same object.
    Why not just pay a visit, person to person, face to face.


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      Congratulations 8Bethany8! Nicely won!
      Shell Shockers full version.


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        • kiltonpercy
          kiltonpercy commented
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          I agree. I can relate to the poem. Very nice.