We live in a big rich world, but the people have the poorest hearts
Our cities shine the brightest lights but there's people living in the dark
The media feed us lies
All this talk of illuminati
Kardashian's on the news
Nobody's talking about the killer catching bodies
Martin had a dream this can't be the outcome
Police brutality
Kid shot down; in the middle like Malcolm
Poor Black communities
They lack opportunity
The system incarcerate or murder their Dad's
They live in the ghettos, their futures are looking bad
So they steal, kill and fight
They need education
Give it to them, it'll build a better nation
So much pain in my heart
My personalities going through different phases
We'll rise through the ash and flames
Like a Phoenix going through the stages

The world's in trouble soon it'll be just rubble
Global warming
So much technology not enough solutions for our pollution
Tragedy; everyday the world's going through mourning
I sit back watch strange turn to strangest
Nothings changed since Tupac wrote "Changes"
Terrorism in the streets
They're blaming Muslim faces
We still can't accept eachothers races.
Life is racing time
I can hear the tick tocks
Hell's fire is burning yearning Lord is going to bring us in flocks
I pray for the day our evil stops.