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  • Community-Comp-Entry


    So here's my story,
    And now it starts,
    Of how community,
    Saved my heart.

    Coz it's the place,
    where I gave back,
    The things I took,
    When I lost track.

    The streets were hard,
    Where I grew up,
    And men were taught,
    To act real tough.

    8 years in jail,
    Then I kicked drugs,
    So helping others,
    Is my love.

    My life's been hard,
    From start to end,
    Community's now,
    my only friend.

    I Lost my dad,
    I Lost my mum,
    & Both my brothers,
    Are dead & gone!

    I've Got no friends,
    To give me hugs,
    They all got killed,
    by cops or drugs.

    The road I've walked,
    Within my life,
    Has now helped others,
    Turn out right.

    See, I've stopped kids,
    To gain admission,
    Into the world,
    I've known as prison.

    Coz It don't matter,
    where your from,
    You'll always feel,
    like you belong.

    Whatever colour,
    Creed or race,
    You'll surely find,
    That there's a place.

    So here's my tale,
    As it now ends,
    And there's a message,
    I wanna send.

    The more you sow,
    The more you'll reap,
    So what you give,
    Is what You'll keep.

    Community's there,
    for all to share,
    Just play your part,
    And be aware.

    Investing time,
    within your hood,
    Helps others feel,
    Their understood.

    So Don't be shy,
    Just make a start,
    Let our community,
    Share your heart.

    Billie Burd

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    Very good.


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    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I love the stanza near the end:

    The more you sow,
    The more you'll reap,
    So what you give,
    Is what You'll keep.

    Those words are gems to treasure!


    • Billie Burd
      Billie Burd commented
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      Thank you very much for the compliment.

      I am a deeply spiritual person & appreciate the feedback.

      I hope & pray that we can all live in peace with each other...

    • Brainwreck
      Brainwreck commented
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      Also my favorite stanza. I can almost hear music.

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    How did I miss this one??? Beautifully written and what a message!! Great job to share your journey and insight!!


    • Billie Burd
      Billie Burd commented
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      Thanks for noticing my notice..
      Happy Easter ( if that's your thing )...
      Be well...

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    Good for you Billie. You showed us the light at the end of the tunnel.


    • Billie Burd
      Billie Burd commented
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      Thanks for seeing "THE LIGHT" at te end of my piece...
      I greatly appreciate your feedback.

      I seem to have a thing for dark pieces...
      Happy Easter ( if that's your thing )....

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    What a great piece! This is what it's all about, helping one another. Teaching even one person that there are people out there that still care. Kudos to you!


    • Billie Burd
      Billie Burd commented
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      Obviously you really read my piece...
      Thanks so VERY MUCH for grasping its message.
      Happy Easter ( if that's your thing )...

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    Most of the poem is sad and I was glad to see that you offer hope. I am glad the ending was not a sad as the beginning.


    • Billie Burd
      Billie Burd commented
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      Thanks for your feedback.
      Yes it is a dark piece, that I wrote.
      But you saw the light at the end.
      I thank you so much for reading it.

      Happy Easter ( if that's your thing )...

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    That's brilliant, Billie. So heart felt and delivered. A wonderful entry. :-)


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      I'm testing my message function...
      I think I'm not receiving any messages..
      So I'm messaging myself lol...

      Hi Billie. How are you?
      Well? Since you asked?

      Let's say that life is NOT BORRING ENOUGH AT THE MOMENT!

      But thanks for asking...


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        Hi Billie,
        I am so glad that I have just spotted this poem. Your writing is inspirational and you, as a person and a new creation, shine through it. I am so encouraged to hear how you have turned not only your life around, but use your experience for others too, and I have no doubt that if you keep sharing your gift in this way you will reach and inspire many that you will never know about. You personify community and I am privileged to get to know something about you through this poem.
        ps. I too love the same stanza as PastorDavidRN, and it reminds me of one of my favourite childhood songs "Love is something if you give it away, you'll end up having more....It's just like a magic penny : Hold it tight, and you won't have any,but lend it, spend it, and you'll have so many, they'll roll all over the floor!"
        God bless you, and keep up the good work, but more importantly, stay true to yourself and be encouraged!


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          I'm truly touched by your words of praise & inspiration.

          So for this, I thank you. EMPHATICALLY!!

          I left prison in May 2001...
          But after 8yrs, prison hasn't fully left me...

          It was my only stay, at HER MAJESTIES PLEASURE.

          In Australia, prisoners are all guests of Queen Elizebeth Ii

          I will endevour to checkout some of your own works
          ( as soon as time permits..)

          Thanks for replying & doing so with such expression...

          May G-D bless you & yours.
          Regards Billie ( Billy ).


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            Hi Billy,

            I wrote a poem ("Who Am I?)
            Why mention that? I'll tell you why....
            Your poem has affected me
            (My work's unfinished now, you see,
            For my 'I am' s inspired by
            A Billie Burd who's just flown by!)

            I want to make my poem say.....
            "I am what he taught me today:
            Compassion and humility
            Are crucial to community.
            So Billie Burd, my 'I am' now
            Will try reflecting you somehow.

            And, if you find the time meanwhile,
            I hope my poems make you smile


            • Brainwreck
              Brainwreck commented
              Editing a comment
              Smee, I love the poem and I love your comment.

          • #13
            I'm absolutely touched in the most sincere manner & way by your message.

            Inspiring anyone in a positive manner is such an AMAZINGLY NICE THING TO DO!

            And I'm so FLATTERED & GREATFUL, to have inspired you!!

            I'm definitely going to check out your works!!!!!

            But please understand that I'm currently accessing the internet via an old
            iPhone 4...

            It's a bit CRAMPED & SMALL TO WORK WITH...

            I also have 8 messages I'm trying to reply to...


            So please just allow me to reply to these 8 messages
            ( YOURS HAS MADE ME SO HAPPY )

            It's really hard on this iPhone 4...

            I do touch type, but it's so SMALL ON AN IPHONE 4

            G-D bless you & yours


            • #14

              I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

              And suggested to 2 others to checkout your poem

              Who Am I

              I messaged you about many aspects of your poem.

              I've had some messaging mishaps
              So I don't know if you received my critique...

              But your poem was ABSOLUTELY 100% EXCEPTIONAL!

              Thanks for showing me your AMAZING SKILLS...


              • #15
                Thank you so much for your support Billy; I picked up your comments on my 'Who am I?' poem and I really appreciate the fantastic feedback. Was that the message that you meant, because I haven't had anything through the private messaging system? Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you if you had sent anything else! Meanwhile, a very special thank you for encouraging others to look at my work. Rhyme-zone is blessed to have you on board