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  • Belonging

    This mural I mark upon the wall
    To remind me of just how tall
    I wish to be,
    Just as Mother used to do for me.

    No higher, no lower,
    It is right, just so.
    This part is key,
    Just as teacher came to see.

    Indication I have made,
    indelible mark upon my space.
    No need to fight it, or to flee
    Just as Papa taught to me.

    Imprint on that very line,
    reveals itself, all in good time,
    A service that I do decree
    benefits community

    One straight nick
    A little tic.
    One little line to remind me
    Just how I choose to be.

    For ever growing up
    Not down,
    Learning, ever more, is key
    Life’s student, in the mirror I see.

    Waking up,
    or walking down a street.
    in a field, or by a tree,
    book in hand, and coffee.

    Over hill, or deeper than a dale.
    Where ever my untamed heart,
    and feet take glee.
    There’s a niche out there for me.

    So if I see it I will run!
    No need to shade from the sun.
    A measure of such great beauty
    Clearly in this world, my place to be.