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  • What Am I?

    A human being
    with nothing more
    to keep living life for.

    A voice that can't sing
    to save a life of strife
    few take the knife ending it all.

    Did I fall from the stars?
    Crash into Earth's black dirt
    alert that I've been burnt and to all the hurt.

    Did I come from God?
    Into flesh and blood
    after the great flood.

    Why God, must I be so odd
    this soul, found under a rock
    unmade for cliques and any jock.

    Fear falling in love,
    terrified to be a wife,
    petrified of a young life, like mine.

    This is what I am,
    all I've ever been
    deep within this skin.

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    I appreciate the vulnerability you show in the second to last verse. Way to pour yourself into your writing.