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  • Bobby Del Boy
    rhymarhyma , one day you'll be back and you'll see how I brought your beautiful work back to the zone under my other pen name. Your friend Boe Burke(Bobby)

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  • rhymarhyma
    commented on 's reply
    Right on, brotha. Besides, I've already been there. Not goin' back. Peace

  • Boe Burke
    Rhyma, you've paid your dues no way are you going to hell. No way. Heartfelt write friend.

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  • rhymarhyma
    started a topic In a community full of liars

    In a community full of liars

    Should I be blessed when I die by God's infinite grace

    that I should fly on high to a majestic place

    I believe he would let me traverse both time and space

    for one last kiss on your face, one final embrace

    Whether it be physical or metaphysical, I know that to some degree

    you'll at least recognize my voice as it whispers through a tree

    A minute is always a minute, sixty seconds to fly free

    yet a moment can last a lifetime, and in that moment you'll know it's me...


    God forbid, some of the things I did that maybe didn't end so well

    that kept me from standing because I always kept landing so hard each time I fell

    might bite me on the ass on the day I pass and send me straight to hell

    but I've had enough times, wrote quite enough rhymes, from within a dorm or cell

    that I'm surely confident that the devil himself could not create a single doubt

    that sooner or later the inner-workings of hell is something I'll know all about

    I know me and I know I'll bring a whole lot of hustle and a little bit of clout

    and I promise you this, on what's left of my soul, I'll eventually find my way out

    I'll swap weapons for drugs, have everyone fallen-angel dusted

    and make bribes to the guards, it's not like they're to be trusted

    Everybody there is there because they got busted

    and hell is mine for the taking once I truly get adjusted

    A cigarette for a joint for a balloon for a key

    with a map and ride from the otherside for me

    Gone in sixty seconds, and for sixty seconds I will flee

    and for that minute, in that moment, for your love I will be free

    In a community full of liars, I promise it's true

    from the pain of the flames, I will find a way through

    There's really nothing much that the devil can do

    that would keep me from final moment...with you...