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    At a time of great upheaval in our rural shire, I used Positive Poetry to help attract over 600 members to our new Facebook "Safe Haven" in our first week... that's over half our online population!... and the short suite of poems I used, thanks to rhymes and near rhymes, via RhymeZone, include;

    1) As the initial invitation and Permanent Pinned post;
    Fun Friendly Folk from Farm to Big Smoke,
    If there's News, it's all here, for each Lady & Bloke*.

    If you're looking to hire, or buy land to esquire,
    with dreams you aspire, or even come to retire...

    Then come join our crew, keep it nice, please, thank you,
    And in good times or bad, help each other get through.
    But don't sweat or perspire, if you'd rather lurk than inquire;
    Coz** we welcome all friends from each neighbouring shire.

    * Bloke is Australian Slang for "man"
    ** Coz is slang for "because"

    2) As the pinned post to our special "election thread" where it is challenging to keep the various political factions diplomatically polite to each other, the following Positive Poem has been extremely successful;

    Got news or some views on the best we should choose?
    Need a soap box to use, or more votes to enthuse?
    This event is a forum to peruse and amuse.
    Post election threads here, for all to see and to schmooze*.
    Be mature and polite. Don't abuse or accuse.
    Help us walk in your shoes. Don't incite or confuse.
    Start no fights to diffuse, or you'll be prompty excused.
    And make no excuse. Coz here; themz is the Rulez.

    * Schmooze is slang for "networking; specifically by working a room where alcohol (such as beer; aka "booze") is served

    3) And to help promote and recognise the silent accomplishments of genuine heroes in our community; we use this poem for our regular thread;

    Big hairy "Hellos" to new members!
    Our Shire is packed full of Great Mentors.
    Got a Hero to Hug? Or a Business to Plug?
    Use this thread for weekly toasts to our settlers...

    4) Then on a link for community grants; I introduced it with a limerick;

    For all our locals who are innovative, not imitative,
    Here's a chance to be even more stimulative.
    If you need a hot chance,
    in writing, art, music or dance,
    Here's a grant to help you get more creative;

    5) on our health thread called:

    Feeling Flab-u-lous!

    Join our thread for success,
    not to stress or obsess,
    nor to confess or impress,
    just modest goals to possess.

    Share your tips and progress,
    even if you regress.
    Help our Health to fluoresce,
    and live Life with finesse.


    6) So thanks Rhymezone for helping me create,
    a forum for so many local Aussie "mates"
    You're so easy to use,
    My praise is gushing; profuse
    Rhymes simply generate whenever needs eventuate!
    We attracted over 600 members to our Shire community page using positive poetry! That's over half our online population!
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    more positive poetry for our fun community thread on facebook (Somerset Community Network)

    - this time the poem is the pinned post to help celebrate the upcoming Remembrance Day in Australia, called Anzac Day;

    Here's a forum to help celebrate our corps,
    though our members now hail from all shores.
    So please help keep the peace,
    just the facts and their pics,
    without stirring up any more wars
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