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  • Cannabis and Flowers

    Want me to stay with you in the country,
    in a dream,
    I say,
    take your hands off of me,
    I won't feed you.
    U said u could stay
    up for hours,
    feeding on cannabis and flowers.
    But you never could
    stand up to me.

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    Depending on which way I take the metaphors, this poem goes from really good to great. Either way, fantastico, yo. No doubt. Peace


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      Thank you so much for reading! I don't know myself is the truth, which is why/how I write I guess. It all just comes out and I think other people enjoy reading it. I hope you got something from it, that's my goal. To at least transfer the emotion to any reader. I hope!


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        I'd love to get your feedback on the other ones posted.

        I'll have to check yours out too surely


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          That's very strange poetry. I can say that I like it but that's funny. It's like a combination of high and ordinary things. By the way, flowers and cannabis should be good. So, if you are going to buy a CBD oil, you should buy a good one. That's the rule.


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            Pretty strange, but i liked it!


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              Thank you very much! Very cool. Well done. This plant is really worthy of poems. CBD is a really useful thing. I use it for several months to get rid of anxiety, and it has an effect. In addition, CBD oil is good for insomnia. They also recommended this site where I found good CBD oil. I am very grateful to my friends for their help. I myself now advise this to those who cannot sleep or are depressed. This tool has helped me a lot. So I will also write poetry!
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