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How to See Gravity

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  • How to See Gravity

    Have you ever been the only girl in a class of men?
    Eleven peach-fuzzed faces judging your every word
    A panel of jurors to pick apart your answer
    Part of an elite society with no password
    One that you can only join if you piss standing up.
    According to Newton, gravity is an invisible force
    But Newton was a man
    He could not see the waves of prejudice and bias,
    Misogyny and sexism wake up the eyes of all those in his presence.
    See, when I forgot to mention that gravity
    Pulled down with a strength of 9.80665
    Those eleven, baby-faced jurors
    Stared at me as if I were a serial killer
    Pleading innocence with the knife in my hand
    And my palms still red with the blood of a fresh victim.
    See, I thought men knew how gravity works
    Since it's a weapon you've been abusing
    To hold us down and leave our spirits with a good bruising.
    Ain't that the logic those high-flying politicians like to use
    If a woman doesn't want to get pregnant with her rapist's baby, the sperm will be drawn out of her uterus by the force of gravity and God.
    If the power of gravity increases with mass
    Then a preggo will pull our company into the dirt
    With the addition of her baby and the extra fat on her ass
    See, I thought men understood
    That enough had seen their mothers and sisters
    Have to fight that much harder
    To pull themselves up: rung by rung
    Careful that every flick of their tongue
    Would strike the perfect equilibrium
    Between flying, but not an inch above a man.
    See, when you, a man, enter a room
    The world morphs and expands so you can take up more space
    People take your words with more weight
    Nobody tells you to check your place
    See, when you step out of your prescribed orbital
    Society does not deem you a bitch.
    See, you are never the first man to beat a man
    You are always the first, period.
    See, you walk on the moon
    But I live on Earth.
    Where I am oppressed
    Where I am silenced
    Where I am:
    A Woman.