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Drawbacks to the Idea of Community

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  • Drawbacks to the Idea of Community

    Drawbacks to the idea of community
    Constantly fearful of status quos
    Of rigorous conformity
    Of mindlessness, normality
    Of white picket fences and mediocrity
    Sovereignty lost in the throes
    Of rancorous polity
    Of raucousness, novelty
    For the greater good
    Our colony

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    When I read this I am reminded of Puritan-filled ships crossing unforgiving seas...


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      Yea what if
      what if that rock Washington cucked never made it across the Delaware
      what if the pilgrims boat sank
      what if at cowboys and Indians ( the Indians always won)
      what if slavery never existed
      what if Jesus never walked the earth
      if every time a bell rings an angel doesn't get his wings
      if butter fingers would have never dropped the crystal ball
      what if reality was fantasy
      Life, I wouldn't have to deal with it.
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