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A Girl in the Street

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  • A Girl in the Street

    Cars run by
    People go through their day
    While the girl in the street
    Has a price to pay

    A sweet heart ,
    She has sought.
    A sweet dream
    She has never thought

    Food was like
    A gift from a god
    She begged,
    She would never rob

    No one
    Would understand
    The life she lived
    Off of cardboard and cans

    Nothing helped
    Her sorrowful place
    For all she had left
    Was herself and her case

    Praying to the stars
    To give love and a home
    That people would not
    Ignore her anymore

    If only someone helped
    The poor little girl
    She might still be
    In this world

    To give a hand
    To the people in need
    Will save a life
    Or two, or three.

    Now go.
    And help the world
    Make a difference
    It will show
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    I am reminded of that saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' ... as communities, we do fail many of our people. Important message here.


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      Thank you. I appreciate your understanding of the poem.