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  • Community of the world

    Community – people with a common goal
    Striving within a collective soul
    Looking out for neighbours, being kind
    With everyone but oneself in mind
    Often it’s in times of stress
    Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes no less
    Local peeps do the unexpected
    Unselfish acts for those affected
    Blankets, shelter and food banks
    All given with no need of thanks
    Recently our world has shown
    How that spirit has shaped and grown
    Twice in Paris time stood still
    Whilst haters tried to inject their ill
    Only for the free spirited ones
    To reject the way of bombs and guns
    We all as one Tweeted Je Suis
    You will not stop us from being free
    The community knows right from wrong
    And will overcome them ‘ere too long
    The message could not be any clearer
    Every time that you come nearer
    The farther from your aims you’ll be
    You simply strengthen our community

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    Bravo Ron... my thoughts exactly.