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Appenzell Dawn -- Schwende

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  • Appenzell Dawn -- Schwende

    Appenzell Dawn — Schwende

    Deep within night's abysm, darkened still,
    In white robes, embraced of a wooded hill,

    Sleeps Christ's church 'neath her onion dome;
    Chaste as fore in her maiden home.

    There sings a children's choir of stars,
    By pale of moon and red of mars,

    A hymn of faint and far recall
    That calls them forth from Adam's fall.

    Till fist rays o'er spread the vale
    And dimly light each dell and swale,

    But break in power on the lordly crown
    Of the lordly mountain above the town;

    Ignites in flame, ruby, onyx and gold,
    The seams and crags of the peak enfold,

    And lures them up with harness and rope,
    For reason naught, that vertical slope.

    And 'long the road, waves of black silk,
    Peddles a bike with a bucket of milk,

    In modern dress, a milkmaid young,
    Across the tracks and there among

    And past town's children walking there,
    Perhaps to learn what might be fair

    In the greater world of tasteless mold,
    In this curious mix of new and old.

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    Sounds like a lovely place!


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      Yes it is Piper. The Appenzell is really different. To me it has more the feel of the American west --Wyoming maybe.
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 2 photos.


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        How beautiful! I love the photo with the children—they exude such joy! The mountains appear much more rugged than what I've seen through the parts of Wyoming I've explored. Wyoming is a part of the country that I enjoy very much, and hope to spend more time in. Had a wonderful camping experience at Devil's Tower a few years back.

        Thanks so much for sharing your photos. There is so much to marvel at in this world!


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          Can't take credit for the photos. I lost mine in a computer crash, including the one with the peak lit up gold at first light. I pulled these off the internet.


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            Well, I suppose then— only logical recourse will be that you shall have to re-visit the area when you can, to recapture the images that were lost!


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              Well done


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                  Perfectly rhymed and timed... nicely done.


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                    Thanks Sharon.