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The Muslim Refugee

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  • The Muslim Refugee

    Must we embrace the Muslim refugee
    who’s destitute, alone and in despair?
    Concerns remain, despite our empathy
    for images revealed by camera’s glare.

    We know our interactions should preserve
    harmonious relations with our friends.
    It doesn’t take a wise man to observe—
    with neighbourly intent, kindness extends.

    But, who becomes our neighbour? There’s the rub
    we can’t appease. Shall we accept the ones
    who look and think like us, while others, snub?
    We’ve taught the Golden Rule to our young sons

    and daughters, hoping they will follow suit.
    Extending basic rights to all reveals
    the qualities we’d like to see take root,
    epitomizing civilized ideals.

    In times of turmoil, we must not forget:
    Without a safe horizon, man’s heart yearns
    to find a hearthstone for his children, yet—
    Who’ll raise our children, if our village burns?

    We must embrace all those who come in need,
    despite the risk that doing so demands.
    Good character, defined by righteous deed,
    will strengthen as community expands.

    *Personally, I believe we are in a watershed moment. Our response in the Western society to the refugee crisis of the Middle-East will set the course for the next chapter of human history. Of course, there are no easy answers—but, with so much at stake, I pray that we get it "right".

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    A water shed moment indeed, the foundation of our humanity our Judeo Christen faith under attack. I suppose if the shoe was on the other foot, they would take us in? The road is not to high but it's awful rocky.


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      Agreed - though I'm sure the actual refugees feel under attack as well. Perhaps it is time to heal old wounds once and for all. Only through a united front will the evil that is ISIL be defeated. Much appreciation for your comment.