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  • Art of War

    Brace yourself cause winters coming
    The perfect storm without a warning
    A game of thrones you can't control
    A clockwork orange, higher learning

    The world is burning, global warming
    A 100 million voices rumbling
    A revolution, feel it coming
    Stand for something or die for nothing

    The time is now still I rise
    Excuse me while I kiss the sky
    Pick a side, some will die
    This is the purge we are the night

    It's time to fight, we've had enough
    A call to arms my hands ain't up
    Fuck your wars, fuck the law
    Fuck em all, they're all corrupt

    The 1 percent controls the troops
    The war on drugs destroys the youth
    Bradly Manning gave us proof
    The government distorts the truth

    They lock you up, they keep you caged
    They take your rights, you keep the change
    They give you life, you turn the page
    But late at night you feel the rage

    So hollar if you hear me now
    It's time to burn the city down
    And give it back fuck your tax
    Tell me can you feel me now

    I'm knocking loud I'm at your door
    We the people hear us roar
    It's black and white, when I write
    My manifesto the art of war

    The fuse is lit the war has started
    Grab your guns and fuck the talking
    A seven nation army marching
    On Ferguson the world is watching

    Mike brown got shot for walking
    Jordan Davis shot for talking
    Poor Renisha shot for knocking
    Stand your ground Trayvon Martin

    America the beautiful
    Where cops harass and shoot at you
    Fuck your curfew and your rules
    And fuck the news we want the truth

    Don't look confused, you work for us
    Protect and serve you broke the trust
    The boys in blue will set u up
    And lock you up for smoking blunts

    You're not so tough without you're badge
    Without your cuffs you're not so bad
    Without dispatch you're just no match
    Fuck with me I'll beat your ass

    I'm talking loud I move the crowd
    I'm losing my religion now
    Fuck this town we'll burn it down
    There's more of us just look around

    When you're poor they call you lazy
    speak your mind they call you crazy
    I'm bumping Pac, I'm doing eighty
    Fuck the world, this how you made me

    So remember me when I'm gone
    I'll live forever though this poem
    A martyr for the cause
    Just because of my art of war
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