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  • St. Norbert Farmer's Market

    Early morning fog not yet burned off—
    the curtain not yet risen over Old St. Norbert

    Already they are making their way
    from places with foreign-sounding names—
    Argyle, Killarney
    Ste. Agathe
    et la belle Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes
    Hochfeld, Steinbach
    Tyndall, Tolstoi

    where many tongues are spoken
    by new generations who have come from distant lands
    Yet, they all arrive here with the spirit of those from Zhoda
    whose name, borrowed from Ukraine, means “harmony”

    Sturdy men in coveralls park pick-up trucks
    earthy women gather under a wooden canopy
    smiling, sharing news, sipping coffee
    eager to unpack their farm-fresh wares
    boasting another week’s bounty to share

    Men haul fresh produce over tailgates
    Women arrange baskets
    of squash, root vegetables, tomatoes, pole beans
    colourful cornucopias catch the eye and tempt the palate

    The scent of freshly baked bread competing
    with fresh herbs, chicken pot pies, corn roasting over a fire
    Some bring soap, or beeswax candles
    simple things, practical and pure

    The youngest run into the open field beyond the market
    chase moths and crickets
    As day’s first streams of sunlight
    spin golden threads on wet grass
    bright laughter of children invite all who pass by
    to pause on a Saturday morning—

    and be nourished here.
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