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"Immunity for CommUNITY" Entry for Poetry Contest 2016

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  • "Immunity for CommUNITY" Entry for Poetry Contest 2016

    "Immunity for CommUNITY"

    Truthfully Community Means More About, You n Me,
    or Who are We, As a Group, Usually, That's the Truth..
    But For a Moment, Let Me Deviate, Past a Group,
    To Impassioned Youth that can See the Hate Passing Through..
    Their Generation, so they're Reaching for Alleviation..
    N With No Explanation.. They Seek Inebriation..
    Just to Numb it All.. They Think the Summer's Fall..
    They're Mixed Up, Problems Stuck, Needing Mediation..
    To Pick, Up, n Fix, Stuff, Within the Hearts a Kids..
    Cause if they're the Future, We Should Start With This..
    As the Foundation for a Sound Nation,
    Not Noise, but Structurally, Building the Ground Placement..
    And From the Ground Up, the Children are our Sal,vation..
    Healing Sick Communities, till they're Out-Patient..
    And With the Help of Others.. All the Health is Covered,
    The Youth Revitalized Community is Re,discovered!

    Side Note:
    I wrote this over an instrumental but it sounds just as good in poetic form with no music behind it.
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