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"Community Of The Broken" 'contest entry, 2016'

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  • "Community Of The Broken" 'contest entry, 2016'

    "Community Of The Broken"

    I belong to a very large group
    And I am just one of the millions
    Pains that treat us like a circus troupe
    A troupe of evil villains

    Chronic illnesses bring us together
    It's really a lifetime sentence
    Syndromes that make us curse the weather
    And make us pay such excess

    Our everyday pangs can be so intense
    And there's days we can't even cry
    Day upon day of painful expense
    Such feelings we cannot deny

    We call ourselves a 'spoonie' community
    With chronic pains we're stricken
    Always hoping for a little impunity
    But we just continue to sicken

    That's the real definition of chronic
    It stays with you all of your life
    And it attacks with fervor; so demonic
    Leaving us all to live in strife

    I run a group, I call my 'pain-family'
    Together we all support each other
    As life continues to treat us callously
    I gladly play the role of 'Big-Brother'

    We're all just a family of the broken
    Damaged, fragile, and fractured
    And I'll always remain outspoken
    Until all our pains are out-mastered

    So, as birds of a feather flock together
    Thus, we all have been gathered
    As a community, we can break this tether
    And gather up the pieces of the shattered

    Written by: Rick Huffman 1/14/16 for the Rhymezone 2016 Poetry Contest

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    Like your stuff man...I feel your pain...good work


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      Great work. Thanks for sharing.
      Roofing Contractor Fayetteville NC


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        I don't think so, let's stick more so we won't be broken happy wheels