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Building Our Love into Community

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  • Building Our Love into Community

    You and I are the smallest community
    Yet we have the greatest scope
    It is in our loving unity
    That all the world can hope
    Loving our neighbor as our self
    Soon comes following after
    As salvation beyond all else
    Love's the heart of the human matter

    In community there must be equality
    Within love we find that observed
    Each person their own totality
    Which we must not disturbed
    In love we honor diversity
    And we surrender all distinction
    We can make community universally
    With the depth of our loving conviction

    Community is not based on law
    But as a voluntary cooperation
    The whole and the self we won't ignore
    Community nurtures individuation
    Every act of love is quite personal
    Yet it reaches to the ends of the earth
    Thus comes a community that's universal
    Love's the gift of the greatest worth

    Our private love can be the opportunity
    To bring love to all of humanity
    From love we will build community
    Create the world out of our love's sanity